Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Give Thanks

gentle readers and viewers..

I was sitting last night
beginning my meditation..

listening to the sound of the crickets..
serenade me into bliss..
and I realized how grateful

I am to live in a place that experiences both
the falling of leaves
and the longevity of 

butterflies, dragonflies and crickets..

what a wonderful world...

there are so very many things to give thanks for 
in my world..
the tiniest things cause my heart to swell..

 a solitary mum left on the dying plant..
a small stack of leaves rich in contrast..
and a velvety green pumpkin that makes me want to 
reach out and touch ...

the simple things are so often
heart brakingly gorgeous..

I am also grateful for family and friends..
and so I will be taking 
a much needed blog/vlog break
to spend the holiday with 

since we are traveling..

I wish you all a beautiful 

But when I return I will
film a video
share the process for creating my 

miniature book..

In my grateful heart..
I count you too..
sweet reader and dear viewers..
I am grateful to you for following along 
for all these years..

I never take your kindness for granted ...
and know that there are many out there that have 
never signed your name to a comment..

but faithfully
read and follow..

and for that,
 I am most



Friday, November 10, 2017

Holiday Collection

Ciao, gentle readers...

Here is a little video
sharing a
sneak peek

of my 
Holiday Collection 

Le Jardin De Amants

The Garden of the Lovers...

I shared my inspiration for this collection as well as my thoughts
about my work and why I create my art..

I love the way they turned out 
on the boards..
but, seriously
they did give me me fits..
I hope you enjoy it..

I still need to ship everything to the gallery
and the pieces will be listed 
on my gallery
page here,
 as soon as they arrive and find prices..
I will let you know, of course!

Thank you for watching..
I am so blessed by you..


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

October Art Journal Pages

That cold north wind does blow..
it seems to me that 

Autumn is truly a season
of the soul..


the old crone 
calls to us all ...
and change is evident everywhere we look..

I sometimes resist change..
I imagine most of us do,
preferring what we know to the unknown..

change always seems so scary..
and yet I feel it in my bones..

Change is inevitable and in the air..
like the swirling leaves..

and the twisting branches...

What is harder is knowing and
intuitively feeling it..

but not knowing what exactly is coming..

so my pages look
a bit ominous, 
and again, I wanted to create the feeling
of wind..

the winds of change..
that bring new seeds of growth..

I hope you feel the drama..

Ingredients: Walnut Ink, handmade papers, paper ephemera, antique ephemera, personal photos, cheesecloth, wrapping papers acrylic ink, Pitt Pens, pencil.

This weekend, I will be sharing a 
Vlog post on YouTube 
of my latest

The French Paper Series..
Le Jardin De Amants

and I am working on a 
miniature book
 and planning on sharing the technique with you..

Until then,
dear readers..


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

In the Boneyard

Your existence my dear,
O love, my dear,

Has been sealed and marked

"Too sacred,"
"too sacred." by the Beloved---

to ever end!

Indeed, God has written a thousand promises

all over your heart

That say,

Life, life, life...

is far too sacred to ever end.

God's Bucket


Dia De Los Muertos,
All Souls' Day,
All Saints' Day...

whatever you celebrate as the thin veil
is lifted..


Friday, October 27, 2017

Handmade Journal with Tyvek Cover

Ciao, dearhearts...

I hope you enjoy this little video on my Tyvek covered journal..
I wanted to create something that
had a yummy leather look..

and I think I found it..

Let me know what you think..

The only thing I did not share is how to embellish the cover..
but since everyone will be doing something different..
I am sure you will create the perfect collage
for your personal journal...

if you have any questions, you know I will
be more than happy to answer them..

Have a gorgeous weekend
my gentle viewers..


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Art of the Earth

We wait all summer for this..


we live a bit backwards from the rest of the country..
I just planted my herbs last weekend..
I know, right?
 it is strange..
I love being able to live all winter
with the doors open..

and eat on the lanai
listening to the birdsong ..

and though our oak trees will shed leaves..
we will have lots of pines and Live Oaks that 
will remain green..

we won't see the brilliant color of autumn
that most of our nation 

that is ok..

I am a lover of sepia, ochre and burnt siena..

from my perspective
each season
nags at the soul..
they are a reminder to use the season to the souls advantage..
they cultivate spiritual work..


a reminder that 
our time is short, 
we are organic beings and
we must live accordingly..

the leaves die silently
 and let go 
back to the earth
as a remembrance to

live and let go..

as an artist 
I look to each season to inform
and guide me..

what can I let go of?
what can I take into the studio with me
from this season?

I have long been a believer in magic..
cultivating a relationship
with the natural world around me..

in reading the signs..

and symbols

and placing them
atmospherically into my work..

this season is no exception..

I am mesmerized by the sounds
of autumn 
by the birds returning from the cold northlands..
the loyalty of the evergreens..

and perhaps 
you too are so moved
as well..


I am working on a new video,
so pop back in this weekend..
and as always, I am so grateful for your kind comments...

enjoy the season,
whatever soul season you are experiencing..

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Balance and Focus in Mixed Media

I hear it all the time..
mixed media artists complain.. 
usually in a jocular  manner,
with a funny meme..
that they have a million projects left undone..
that they don't know what to do next..

that if somebody tells you you have too many art supplies,
 ignore them, you don't need that kind of negativity....

Mixed Media painting, The Rain Makes my Hair Curly, Caterina Giglio

the jokes I think mask the 
true feelings..

 they feel unfocused..
or even paralyzed about all the choices
they have in mixed media..

there is sense of imbalance and lack of productivity.. 

I have even noticed
  a prejudice against mixed media artists,
 the impression is that we are all over the place
and lack direction 
and consistency..

so I have a few thoughts and tips to perhaps ease the 
dial in the focus,
and silence the critics..

both real and imagined..

1. Clean the Clutter

Have you ever found yourself working in the studio on a clean desk and by the time you finish the project, the desk is covered with papers, paint, tools and debris, and your work space is a little tiny corner of the table?
Of course you have..
well... studios are just like that..

Artists are natural magpies. We love the odd bits, the small pieces of twine, the stones, and feathers, but when it all takes over, it becomes less of a shrine and more of a disability.
So rotate your things, put all product on shelves, 
keep your art tables as open as possible for working space, and have product available on a caddy or rolling cart... in close proximity in some way.
Cleaning the studio is a weird way of engaging your muse..
but it always works
and I find she likes nothing better than a clean space to create chaos..
the universe abhors a vacuum..
trust me it will be filled soon..

Mary shrine, Caterina Giglio

2. Make Notes

While you clean, destash, or organize, ideas will begin to come to you. I keep a notebook in my studio for this and I jot the ideas down in my book. I often come up with great inspirations when I am working on a deadline or a new collection.. 
and rather than stop, I just make notes
in my book to remember later what I want to create in the future. 
Capturing ideas will help free the mind, assist focus and allow the opportunity to finish the current project. 

Mixed Media painting, French Angel, Caterina Giglio

3. Set Priorities 

Figuring out what comes first and what takes priority is easy when I am in the studio, because so many things are on deadlines. 
Articles, shows, even my art journal is a monthly journal.
If you do not have deadlines,

 create them .. 

Make a journal and get a spread done daily, weekly or monthly. Set dates and try to finish projects by a certain time. 
Priority setting is a tool for balance and everyone can use it.
Using a priority on projects will build a sense of accomplishment with each creation, and accomplishment fuels direction.

 Many have a misconception that art is simply fun and we just play all day, it IS that but it is also work, it is simply that we LOVE our work..

Mini Concertina books, Caterina Giglio

4. Limit Social Media

Let me add email and texts to this list. I check my emails three times a day. I limit texts to information, and I set work times in the studio. Taking breaks for a cuppa and to check in on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest is just like being at work on a real job, because it IS a real job,
and when we treat it that way, we maintain a sense of balance and consistency 
which is always good for creativity. 
It is when we show up
in the studio and work
that the inspiration flows..

While Social Media can inspire us, it can also inflame, and upset us, so limiting it is necessary for 
creative health and well being..

Assemblage, Wish You Were Here, Caterina Giglio

5. Set Rules on Buying Product

I spent most of my life in retail. I was a store manager, corporate trainer and merchandiser. I have seen many products and styles come and go.. so it is easy for me to watch the latest and greatest pass by. Let's face it, there are no end to products in art. Crackle Paints, Gelli Plates, Stencils, Gelatos, the list goes on and on, and they will be replaced by the new and better. 
I love using new products, but I set limits on buying them. Once a month, once a quarter, every 6 months. It really depends on the budget. 

Having too many products can be paralyzing, and smothers the creativity. 
The muse is childlike and using a new product on occasion is a regenerative treat.

Mixed media painting, Caterina Giglio

6. Cripple the Critics

I became a mixed media artist, 
because I was frankly  BORED with painting. I had been using watercolor, acrylics and colored pencil all my life..
I have been painting and drawing as long as I can remember.
 I wanted to find a new way to express myself. As I create books and work with fabrics, I find my enthusiasm and creativity expands. 
When the inner critic begins to nag, allow the muse full play.. the critic wants chaos, boredom and inactivity...
the critic is a liar, you can do it..

 the muse just wants to throw paint on paper.. 
build textures,

let her..

The critics that want everyone to decide on a label... 
painter, sculptor, book maker, are simply
unable to cope with a remote control, AI world. We are not the ones out of touch.
They are.
We are not all over the place.. we are in the 

Art is no longer simple..
it is complex, multidimensional, multidisciplinary and fuses many media
and products.. we simply have to use the keys to set direction... 


imagine how excited
Leonardo Da Vinci would be
to be an artist in this age..


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