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Friday, June 23, 2017

Flower Collages

I am busy in the studio
new things..
dear reader..
 I wanted to make a little 


a quick and fun
summer project for you to make

I will soon be offering classes..
so stay tuned..

and as always,
thank you so very much for your kind
reader and viewership..
your comments mean so much to me..

molto grazie!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Blue Caribbean

gentle readers..

I have not forgotten you.. 
but I did take some much needed time to 
rest and relax with 

which was wonderful..
spending time with daughters and their family
and watching grandkids have 
wonderful experiences..

 The Caribbean is so close to us here in
Florida and it is one of our favorite places to visit..
there is something so peaceful about the color 

and my camera cannot take it all in...
but I wanted to share as much of it with you as I can..

We traveled to 
Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Jamaica..

and soaked up as much sun and blue
water as possible...

we found lovely spots on the islands
to rent a chair, 
and swim and soak..

we ate octopus ceviche and guacamole..
and many had
drinks that involve
tiny paper umbrella's... 

Azure, slate blue, robins egg, aqua, marine, royal... too many colors to name.. 

In Cozumel
we found a lovely spot..

with so many coconut palms to grant shade...

is also teeming with blue color..
the depth of the water and the light change
the perception..

a divine palate of spectacular blues..

we took a cabin at the back of the ship 
this time, which afforded us a really long deck and gave us
splendid opportunities
for photos..

stunning, right??

but perhaps my favorite island is 
Grand Cayman..

We have been there before, and certainly we will be back..

The beach at 7Mile Beach is gorgeous...
creamy colored sand that has a wonderful texture..
very hard to explain..

the water is pristine..
and the facility is quite good..

with a lovely restaurant..
overlooking the beach 
and the rented chairs and umbrellas, you can
just take two steps up to the bar and order a drink 
or if you prefer the pool,
you can swim up to the bar..

as you can see,
it was a glorious day..

and someone left me a love note..

and he took this shot too.. 

but all good things
nothing came to stay
all things pass away..

but even when the sun sets..

the one thing that remains ..

that gorgeous 
Caribbean blue..

so I am off to the studio..
to prep for my video..
and I am anxious to get back to work..


Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Art Journal Pages and a Vacation

May was an amazing month...
I have to admit it 
rushed by in a bit of a blur..

I was working to finish my collection..
get packed and finish deadlines..
so I was very focused on 
the show..

but looking back on the month,
I see that I grew immensely
as I was putting the finishing touches on 
the show and my work..

going home
was amazing..
it has changed considerably 
in the last four years..

the town itself is quite different..

but the friends that I have made 
that are so close as to be family...

are still the same..

so my pages are layered..
and I have painted them
over and over..

worked almost as laboriously
as I did on my Notebook pieces..

Who says you can't go back home?
my pages reveal the blue sky breaking through..
and the world flowering despite
trauma and tragedy..

both personally and universally..

I believe...

Ingredients: Collage, decollage, paper ephemera, acrylic paint, gesso, pencil,  

so dear readers..

it is summer,
and I will be taking a break
to visit with family..

When I return I will film a new YouTube segment
on My Flower Collages,
and I will hopefully ..
have some amazing
Caribbean Blues
for you to see..

thank you all for your kind support..
your uplifting comments..
and understanding..

I am so very grateful..


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Torn Edges and Stamp Stories

well dear readers...

it is always great to find your work
in print..

doubly so when you find your work in

two great issues..
Somerset Studio Gallery
Sew Somerset

my torn edges 
art journal spread was featured in
Somerset Studio Gallery..

and I have to say
that this was a breakthrough 
for me 

in art and collage
as well as 
a personal breakthrough..

sometimes the best way to express oneself 
is in an abstract form..

allowing the shapes and forms 
and color to express
what we feel deeply inside..


My Stamp Stories 
article was featured in 
this latest issue 
Sew Somerset

and as soon as I receive the work,
I will shoot some photos for you of each piece...

but this one was a special piece..

As Always, 
I am in great company..
with wonderful artists..

and you can pick up your copies right now
at news stands all over..

I will return shortly with
May journal pages..



Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tenerife-Canary Islands


this is my last travelogue 
from our European tour last fall..

but flipping through
the photos...

I remembered it all as if it was just yesterday...

our last stop before heading home
the Canary Islands..

we had no idea what to expect..
and we woke to this...


and then suddenly..
the clouds moved out

and the rainbows appeared..

two of them..
one traversed the islands..

and with such a spectacular start..
we expected our day 
was going to be splendid...

stepping foot on land
we were greeted by a huge vertical green wall...

which was stunning...

and a monument..

and then we began to walk...

walking, walking, walking..

  the view 
looking back to the water...

and more walking... up hill..



to a park..

and then it seemed to even out for a bit..
and this fountain was so beautiful..

the clouds parted just at the right moment..

and being hungry..
we kept walking...

until we found a lovely little 

and I had the most deliciously decadent 
gluten free chocolate muffin
and cappuccino..

and while it was never on our list of places to see...
we both enjoyed ourselves 
so much..

how could we resist with such
a glorious welcome...

it was really a lovely journey...