Friday, May 18, 2018

Scatterbrained or Creative Genius?

Here is my new Vlog post
about being a scatterbrained artist..

like many artists, 
I was labeled as a child, 
because I was constantly thinking about making art..

I still make art in my mind...
when I drive,
make dinner,
I think about creating something...

My family called me a 
space cadet.. 
bubble brain..

air head..
which could not be farther from the truth as so much was going on in my head!!

I can remember my parents asking about all the unfinished work in journals
and sketch books, 
unfinished pieces of work that were scattered about..

I always felt so guilty about the things I left undone..
but after reading so much about Leonardo Da Vinci..
I realized that it is our true nature..
we are simply
always open to new possibilities..
new beginnings 
and that my friends is ...


Happy Weekend,
gentle viewers..
and thanks ever so much for watching...

Ciao, Ciao!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

April Art Journal Pages

The garden..
is my one weakness..

ahh.. you know me too well..

it is
a truly
happy place..
one of several..

as you know dear reader, 
I adore 
all the mundane chores..
watering, weeding, raking, trimming and planting..

and our spring here was absolutely magnificent...

we had so many blooms..
and the bougainvillea were exceptional..

Caterina Giglio, April Art Journal Pages, The Color of Flowers.. 

 I tried to capture that subtle beauty in my pages for last month..
and I was late, getting these pages to you...
precisely because I was spending so much time

Sometimes, my friend.. 
the beauty of this world created just for our pleasure, moves me simply to tears...

I find that beauty, that movement of feeling very hard to express..

As I sorted through my ephemera...
I found a color chart for Flower Colors..
with a corresponding page of the names of the colors, which was pretty charming..
and decided to use that as my background..

The weather changes so quickly here..
last month we had fireflies and crickets and suddenly this month
we have cicada and love bugs..

and if you don't know what love bugs are..
just google it..

suddenly it is summer..
and I will be in the studio more and the garden less..
as the rainy season is upon us..

Ingredients: Acrylic paint, antique and vintage ephemera, tissue papers, wrapping papers, colored pencil.

This week I am working on my new Vlog post..

Why it is OK to be a Scatter Brained Artist...

and I am starting my May pages..
as well as getting a journal ready for submission..

so much to do..
and I love all of it..

life is so amazing..

See you on Friday...


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My Paris Travel Journal

If you saw my video..
then you know that this is what my new travel journal looked like
when we finished filming..
and if you did not see my YT video,
just scroll down to the last post to view it...

Antique Travel Journal, Caterina Giglio, photo by Don Digison

I was not pleased with the green striped ribbon..
which I thought was black..
but on closer inspection was green..
and so I decided to settle for white and 
I have stitched it all together so that it is easy to secure..

and while there will be lots of color going on 
inside of the journal,

I wanted to keep the front and embellishments
black and white...

I finished the mylar pocket
and added a sticker..

and I began to stuff it with antique ephemera ..
a map of Paris..

I also added a parchment envelope near the back of the journal

which you can see through the window of the old album pages..
the pages will eventually be covered in paper and glued together
once we return home and print photos...

and I added tracing paper as a page to the inside front and back..

and I love being able to see the embossed album cover
through the tissue paper..
don't you?

and I did manage to find a little charm or two to enhance the dangling strings
of waxed linen..
our last stop will be Nassau..
so it seemed fitting..

My art journal pages are late..
gentle reader,
but I know you understand how you just become
so engrossed in a project and you want to see it end..

methinks that will take some time with this one..

Ciao, Ciao!!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Transforming an Antique Album into a Travel Journal

Ciao dearhearts!
We finally finished this Vlog post..
 filming over several days..
because you just cannot rush creativity..

There were lots of choices to make and those take time..
But I am very pleased that I have my travel journal finished,
and I can take my time working on the rest of the finishing details..

If you have an old photo album or old book, 
I hope you try the technique..

Have a wonderful weekend dear viewers..

Ciao, Ciao!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

For The Love of Paper

We've been attending sales lately..
in our free time..

Estate sales and 
a week ago we went to an
Antiquarian Sale...
dear reader...

where I mostly drooled over gorgeous old volumes..
of pristine leather bound books..

and exorbitantly priced  antique botanicals ...

and art books were simply outrageously priced...
but so lovely to peruse..

still it was uplifting to be in a room that
was filled with old paper..

and people ...
who adore old books, 
yellowed paper ..
 antique prints
and covet them...

like I do...

I was hoping to score another mini antique photo album..
but I saw precious few
and the ones I saw were very expensive...
of course..

but I did mange to find several books with 
marbled covers and scarred leather ..

and I have plans for all of them of course..

one seller asked..
"It is in really bad shape, you must be a collector?"

"Yes", I answered ..  
an unusual collector.. I thought..

I have learned to be secretive of my true intentions..

Of complete destruction..

tearing and ripping and shredding..

glueing and reassembling...

oh, the perfect chaos of it all...


They do not comprehend or approve of my mission..

my desire to elevate the mundane scribbled page..
or my passion for mixing the foxed page..
and the marbled cover..

creating art from something that will soon
wither away..
crumbling as it goes, leaving tiny trails of book crumbs in it's wake...

but you... gentle reader, 
 understand the desire, the passion
for you, 
I am eternally grateful..


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mixed Media Excavation Series

What I find so luxurious about working
mixed media
is the opportunity to play...
bend rules and just experiment...

Work in Progress, Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media 

last month I had a little break through in my 
Art Journaling pages..
which you can see 
right here.. 

As If, Excavations Series, Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media

I was so fascinated that I kept working 
on small scraps of mixed media papers.. 8 x 8 and 
this one above is only 5 x 7
titled, As If...

My Excavations Series
  is about revealing the hidden layers..

Detail from As If, Caterina Giglio, Mixed media

in relationship..
those closest to you..
the ones you struggle with..

I know you understand dear reader...

Squared Off, Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media, 8 x 8

they leave you ragged..

I am thinking that I will mount these on boards and that will
allow me to play on paper
until I feel like mounting them..

Once mounted I can sand and paint to edit, but the composition will
remain the same..

I am working with my mono prints and antique book pages,
and it has given me the textural feel that I wanted
to convey..
and I love the layers and textures...

and my intention is to work larger..

You Read About It In Books,  Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media, 8 x 8

In the studio this week
I will begin filming my new video on
the creation of my new travel journal..
from my Antique photo album..

and I hope to find time to get back to my water painting..

since I have some new portraits in mind..
and I am lusting over the space the large piece occupies..

also submissions are in the works..

and I just found out that my Sew Somerset Article and art is being delayed from 
gentle reader...
 we will just have to

Ciao, Ciao!!  

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Perfect Travel Journal

Upcycling an antique 
photo album
into a travel journal,
takes some thought..

I have thrown things together before and I had
a modicum of success..
but in this first part of my new travel journal
adventure ..
I muse about what I liked and did not like about my past journals...

I will be gutting the journal on the next video..
and creating pages, pockets and stitching the whole thing together..

It will take some time..
and we will shoot it as I work on it..
so it could take some time..

thanks always 
for watching 
and I thank you in advance for your
kind comments..

I so appreciate you all..

Happy Weekend, 
gentle viewers!!


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